“56% of global consumers say they are much more likely to buy from companies that allow them to shape their products or services.”
Totally Custom
Fast Turnaround


Configure, visualize, and price complex products and services.
Our unique technology transforms product data & business rules into custom web applications for configuring products and services.
Our applications are used for:
  • visual product customization
  • rule-based configuration
  • price quotes
  • recommendations
  • bundling
  • guided selling
  • and more...

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Our configurators are dynamic, engaging, and most importantly they work! Not sure where to start? We can help you design the best configurator for your target audience.


Maximize conversions with a tailored, relevant user experience. Increase sales by offering targeted recommendations, bundling, cross-selling, and up-selling. Eliminate invalid orders.


Synoptive integrates with any e-commerce platform or ERP. You can even switch back-end systems down the road and your configurator will transition along with you.


Want to find out how people are engaging with your configurator? Want to make it even more effective? Built-in analytics show you how.

  • Custom Interfaces
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • SAAS
  • Scalable
  • Easy Data Updates
  • Iterative Development
  • A/B Testing
  • CSS Skinnable


Custom interfaces. Custom business rules.
Click the examples below.
  • Workspace Enclosure Configurator

    • Full 3D product model
    • Multi-step nested navigation
    • Furniture accessory configuration
    • Product image snapshots
    • PDF spec sheet generation
    • Line item summary with dynamic pricing
    Workspace Enclosure
    Oasis Berco
  • Lacrosse Glove Configurator

    • Full 3D product model
    • Multiple product configuration
    • Inline cart view
    • PDF spec sheet generation
    • Line item summary
    Sports Equipment
  • Chair Configurator

    • Dynamic 2D product render
    • Multiple product views
    • Inline pricing
    • Accordion interface
    • PDF spec sheet generation
    • Client: AIS
    • Integration: Custom
    • Live Site:
    Furniture – Chairs
  • Cap & Embroidery Configurator

    • Magento / SAP integration
    • PDF fulfillment documents
    • Custom image uploads
    • Custom embroidery
    • 5 product views
    • Extensive product catalog
    • Social / sharing
    Cap & Embroidery
    Richardson Sports
  • Event Planning & Pricing Configurator

    • Turnkey event configuration platform
    • First of its kind in the industry
    • Used by many hotels in Europe
    • Configure – Price – Quote
    • Complex pricing calculations: volume-based price
      tiers, minimum costs, per-guest pricing, etc.
    • Multi-language: German & English
    • Multi-level navigation
    • Context-sensitive next / previous navigation
    • Product recommendations
    • Quote summary graph
    Event Planning & Pricing
  • Saddle Pad Configurator

    • Composite product view
    • Rule-based option compatibility
    • Multi-step configuration with sub-steps
    • Custom text input
    • Custom image uploading
    • Upcharges
    • Social / sharing
    • Client: Best Ever Pads
    • Integration: WordPress / WooCommerce
    • Live Site:
    Saddle Pad
    Best Ever Pads
  • Table Configurator

    • Extensive, multi-step configuration
    • Pricing lookup for 100,000s of product combinations
    • Rule-based option compatibility
    • Context-sensitive option details
    • Responsive interface for mobile / tablets
    • Web email integration
    • Client: Berco Furniture Solutions
    • Integration: email
    • Live Site:
    Furniture – Tables
    Berco Furniture Solutions
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Monthly licensing & hosting costs are below.
Setup costs start at $10,000 and depend on the complexity of your project. Please contact us for a quote.


  • 1 product type
  • Up to 3 products
  • 1 product view
  • Up to 5 components (product parts)
  • Up to 20 options per component
  • Individual product configuration
  • Simple business rules
  • No custom input widgets
  • No print-ready, vector images
  • No PDF summary/quote


  • 1-3 product types
  • Up to 5 products per product type
  • Up to 4 product views
  • Up to 10 components (product parts)
  • Up to 50 options per component
  • Individual product configuration
  • Complex business rules
  • Custom input widgets
  • No print-ready, vector images
  • No PDF summary/quote
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  • Unlimited product types
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited product views
  • Unlimited components (product parts)
  • Unlimited options per component
  • Bundled products configuration
  • Complex business rules
  • Custom input widgets
  • Print-ready, vector images
  • PDF summary/quote
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Here's what our happy clients say:


All the benefits of a platform, with the flexibility of custom software.
Fixed Cost

Quoted, fixed pricing ensures no cost overruns.


Avoid the delays, bugs, and cost overruns of custom software.


Applications are mobile-friendly out of the box.


Auto-scaling architecture cached by a global content delivery network.


We use HTML / JavaScript / CSS for maximum compatibility - no Flash, no extra plugins.

Fast Turnaround

Prototypes in days, completion in a few months.

Robust Rules

Easily specify complex product compatibility rules.

Easy Application Updates

Manage application updates on your own at no extra cost.


Styling is totally customizable via CSS and JavaScript.

A / B Testing

Run parallel applications built from the same underlying data.


Synoptive has carefully crafted an application development platform that lets us build product configurators without having to start from scratch for each project. That means we're fast, affordable, reliable, and scalable.
Don't reinvent the wheel.

Product configurator projects are notorious for going over schedule and over budget. Often they don't even work right and end up getting scrapped. We set out to generalize the elements that are common to most product configurator projects, so that we could avoid the pitfalls of starting from scratch. The end result is a toolkit that lets us assemble product configurators from reusable building blocks.

Not only is this far faster for development, but we can do cool things like: easily overhaul the interface at any time; create two different product configurators from the same data; and even embed the same product configurator in multiple websites with different styling and different back-end integration!

And since our apps are standards-based JavaScript & HTML, we can apply any sort of customization on top of our pre-built components. In other words, we have the ease, speed and affordability of a platform, with the flexibility of custom software.

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